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Rate Update Feb 11, 2008

You Tube link to see rate update video: Mortgage-backed bonds are currently trading sideways on the day. It is another relatively light week in terms of economic data. The only notable release this week will be the retail sales report which is due out Wednesday. President Bush is expected to sign the Economic Stimulus […]

More tightening to come?

One of the most difficult questions to answer is WHEN our lenders’ credit standards will stabilize and maybe even ease. Of course, in the long run, tighter credit standards will help all participants in the real estate industry (be it mortgage originators, lenders, investors, homeowners, realtors, title companies, etc.) because it will promote more prudent […]

Stimulus plan- Tax “rebates”

According to a couple articles I’ve reviewed online it appears that the so-called “tax rebate” which is at the focal point of the governments plan is not a reabte at all. In fact, most taxpayers will see their 2009 tax refund reduced by the amount of their rebate. This is certainly not the way that […]