Seal the deal! 10 winning strategies to win in a competitive market

Being a homebuyer in this market is not easy, but I have 10 strategies that can help your offer stand out and may even help you win the deal in this competitive market! Watch to learn more!

2024 Real Estate Landscape: Home Prices, Trends, and Strategies

Tune in for my update on current housing market conditions where I explore factors influencing home prices and offer insight into future trends and solutions for potential homebuyers.

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Homeownership: Financial and Non-Financial Benefits

Checkout my latest video and learn how homeownership can help you build wealth in addition to providing many other benefits!

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Climate Change is Decreasing Affordability for Homeownership

Please take a moment to watch and consider reviewing your home insurance policy to ensure you’re covered!

Evan’s Summary of “The Lock-In Effect of Rising Mortgage Rates”

In this video I explain what the mortgage rate lockdown is and the current impact that it has on homeowners. With over 68% of homeowners sitting on interest rates that are 3%⬇ below the market value, you can imagine this has a huge effect on a homeowner’s decision to buy or sell . Watch to learn why!

Evan-omics: Mortgage Rates, An Insider Perspective of The Fed Mindset, And Home Insurance Tips!

Key Differences Between FHA Loan and Conventional Loan Mortgage Insurance

Unlock the secrets to mortgage insurance with our latest YouTube video! ️ Discover the crucial differences between FHA & Conventional Mortgage insurance and learn how to eliminate PMI from your conventional home loan. Perfect for first-time buyers seeking clarity and savings!

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Real Talk Ep 8: How Realtors Can Lead the Battle for Affordable Housing

With a robust experience spanning over 20 years in the Portland real estate market, including founding Inhabit Real Estate, Eric Hagstette delves into his journey from a “corporate upbringing” to becoming a seasoned expert in the field. Hear the invaluable lessons he learned from adhering to a simple yet effective business plan, which played a pivotal role in expanding his sales territory, and how he seamlessly transitioned those principles into the real estate industry, contributing to his success.

Eric also opens up about his deep-rooted belief in stable housing for all and how it drives his work today. His insights are not just about building a business, but also about fostering community and making a positive impact.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Eric as we explore the intersections of business acumen and social responsibility in real estate. Don’t forget to subscribe for more “Real Talk” episodes, where we share the real stories behind the industry’s successes.

Evan-omics: Inflation Trend Points to Lower Mortgage Rates!

Happy to share some good news! Watch this short video for the latest on inflation and why I think it will lead to lower mortgage rates in the months ahead.

Real Talk Ep 7 with Ann Garcia: Funding College for Children, Financial Planning, & Homeownership!

Welcome to another episode of ‘Real Talk’ with your host, Evan Swanson, Senior Loan Officer and Certified Financial Planner™. In this interview, we connect with Ann Garcia, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Independent Progressive Advisors and the author of “How to Pay for College: A complete guide to funding your child’s education.”

If you have kids, this one is worth your time!