Real Talk 5 with Diana Colin: Real Estate Change & Financial Tools

Here is my latest ‘Real Talk’ episode with Diana Colin of the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors. With more than 38 years of experience in the real estate industry, Diana Colin shares what has and hasn’t changed over the years and how her newer role as the Professional Standards Administrator with the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors keeps her active with brokers even though she’s no longer a practicing real estate broker. We also talk about her adoption of You Need a Budget in 2019 and how it has brought financial clarity and confidence to her life. ✅

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Diana Colin – Professional Standards Administrator for PMAR


How are loan pre-approvals determined?

Understanding Mortgage Pre-Approvals!

Watch our short video to demystify the process behind mortgage loan pre-approvals. Learn how lenders evaluate your financial profile to determine your eligibility and potential loan amount. Knowledge is power!

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Real Talk 4 with Steve Scanlon: How to adapt and thrive through change!

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation between Evan Swanson of Guild Mortgage and Steve Scanlon, CEO & Founder of Rewire Inc.! In just 45 minutes, Steve delves into the complexities of the human brain and its impact on Realtors adapting to new business models. He highlights the innate desires for familiarity, habituation, being right, and feeling in control that may hinder change. However, Steve emphasizes that practicing awareness can unlock creativity and adaptability, paving the way for success in an evolving industry. Tune in to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve! #RealEstate #Adaptability #Success #BrainScience #FutureProjection ✨

The BAC: What’s Next for Oregon Real Estate, Brokers & Consumers?

Recording from March 29th:

Recording from April 4th:

Real Talk 3 with Robin Springer: Tips from Former Litigation Attorney, Turned Real Estate Broker

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robin Springer, a seasoned real estate broker here in Portland, to dive into her journey and insights into the ever-changing real estate market! With over a decade of experience, Robin seamlessly blends her background as a litigation attorney with her passion to serve others to help them find their community! Stay tuned for our exclusive interview, where Robin shares her top tips for navigating the Portland real estate landscape and offers a glimpse into her passion for Alabama Football!

Mortgage Rates Update: Fed’s Plans for Interest Rate Cuts in 2025

Benefits of a 30-year fixed mortgage! 


Real Talk 2 with Zayda Arzen: How She got from the Emergency Room into Real Estate

Zayda Arzen from eXp Realty, shares her story from the emergency room into real estate consulting (not sales). She also provides great advice for first time investors on how to get started!

Real Talk 1 with Giovanni Cafiso: Cycling, Family, and Real Estate – Deepening Connections!

Tune in to my interview with, Real Estate Advisor, Giovanni Cafiso of Sotheby’s International Realty. Learn more about his interests, values, and culture and how that influences his business and relationships!

“Evan-omics” for March 2024: Mortgage rates and our current economy

Take a look at current trends and what it may look like for mortgage rates as we go into the Spring.