Our Mortgage Loan Process and Why We’re In The Mortgage Business

Professionally, Evan Swanson is driven by the desire to bring a high level of financial competence and professionalism to households throughout the mortgage loan process.

Evan Swanson

It’s his belief that, in order to achieve financial independence, households need guidance from capable, ethical advisers and mortgage originators who can help them navigate today’s complicated financial landscape.

His desire to be a comprehensive guide and to educate his clients beyond the closing date led him to complete the important career milestone of obtaining CFP® (Certified Financial Planner®) certification.

As far as we know, of the nearly 4,000 licensed mortgage originators in the State of Oregon, Evan Swanson is the only one that has pursued this level of comprehensive financial education to the mortgage lending process.

Unfortunately, the financial industry has developed in such a manner that most households don’t have access to competent financial guidance, especially when it comes to loans and mortgages, and therefore struggle in their quest for financial independence.

Furthermore, within the mortgage industry, many loan originators are more interested in making a commission than they are in taking the time to educate their customers on how the mortgage loan decisions they make will impact the other aspects of their financial lives.

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