Real Talk Ep 6 with Rana Schnaubelt: War, Determination, Empowerment, & Connection!

Here is the latest Real Talk episode with Rana Schnaubelt!  She has an INCREDIBLE story that involves war, determination, empowerment, and connection.  Also, a tidbit in the end about how immigrants should prepare themselves to buy. 

How are loan pre-approvals determined?

Understanding Mortgage Pre-Approvals!

Watch our short video to demystify the process behind mortgage loan pre-approvals. Learn how lenders evaluate your financial profile to determine your eligibility and potential loan amount. Knowledge is power!

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Benefits of a 30-year fixed mortgage! 


Q4 Housing Outlook

Late Fall and Winter is a favorable time to look at houses! Learn more by watching this short video.

Housing Bust? Or Busted Media?

Let’s face it, the media does a good job of grabbing your attention, but are they sharing honest, factual information? Watch this video to learn more.

FHA Loan Refresher

I think there is a good chance that FHA loans are going to be utilized more in the coming years. Watch this video to learn more about what an FHA loan is and how it may benefit you.

What is a mortgage recast?

What is a mortgage recast, how does it work, and who can take advantage of it? Watch to learn more!

2020’s Housing

It’s a new year and a new decade! In this video I review the Portland, Oregon housing statistics and what we should expect to see over the next 10 years. Hint, hint…. home-ownership rates and housing demand will likely increase!

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Interest Rates – 2020 Forecast

It’s a new decade! What can we expect interest rates to do? Watch this weeks video to learn more.

2020 Housing Outlook

Happy New Year!
I thought I would share what experts have predicted for the housing market in 2020. Watch this video to learn more!
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