FHA Loan Refresher

I think there is a good chance that FHA loans are going to be utilized more in the coming years. Watch this video to learn more about what an FHA loan is and how it may benefit you.

Self-employed tax filing season

April 17th is just around the corner! For self-employed borrowers this could be a positive filing season. Watch to learn more!

Oregon tax deduction for first-time home buyers!

This may benefit you or someone you know!

What is a mortgage recast?

What is a mortgage recast, how does it work, and who can take advantage of it? Watch to learn more!

What will happen to home prices during a recession?

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Changes

The best thing that happened in 2022 is mortgage rates increased!

Higher mortgage rates bring greater balance to the housing market.

Home Prices in Next Recession

I believe, if home prices fall, they WILL NOT fall drastically. Here is why!

2022 Portland, OR Housing Marketing Update