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US-China trade talks continue to influence mortgage rates

Happy Birthday to Ken Galbraith who would have turned 111 today.  The Canadian economist famously predicted in his 1958 book The Affluent Society that as society becomes more affluent private business would create additional consumer demand through marketing and consequently public goods (i.e. schools & parks) would be neglected. Seems to me like he was […]

Home price gains moderate while mortgage rates improve

Every Tuesday I try to explain what is happening in the financial markets that will impact mortgage rates.  The truth is sometimes I highlight factors that do influence interest rates and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes mortgage rates fluctuate……just because. Today is National Just Because Day so if there is something you’ve been wanting to do […]

Mortgage rates slightly improved

Feeling busy and anxious about all the things you have to get done? Just remember, “stressed” spelled backwards is “dessert” and today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day! Interest Rates Home loan rates have improved modestly from last week. Existing Home Sales The National Association of Realtors released figures earlier today which showed that the […]

Mortgage rates back off of historical lows as economic outlook is mixed

You can file this one in the “wish I had reason to celebrate” folder.  Today is #NationalPersonalChefDay!  Don’t forget to pat your chef on the back and thank them for all their hard work. Interest Rates Mortgage rates are unchanged this week after increasing by ~.125% last week. Recession looming? The US economy is currently […]