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Mortgage rates hold steady, might the Fed help home loan rates improve?

“Jenny Don’t Change Your Number!”- Today is National One-Hit-Wonder Day.  What is your favorite hit?  Mortgage Rates After consecutive weeks of moving higher the good news is that mortgage rates did not change last week.  Home loan rates continue to hover around the highest levels of the past seven years. The Fed As I noted […]

Rates modestly worse, home prices projected to increase at a decreasing rate

On this day in 1998 two graduate students from Stanford University incorporated their business which was named after the mathematical term for 10 to the 100th power (“1” followed by 100 zeros). Had you invested $100 in their internet search engine business on that day your initial investment would be worth over $41 million today […]

Home Loan Rates modestly worse, Portland home prices entering “Goldilocks” range

A recent survey by the national maritime association revealed that 3.14% of sailors are pi-rates.  Why do I share this important statistic with you? Just because yesterday was national Just Because Day.    Mortgage Rates Although mortgage note rates are unchanged from last week the accompanying closing costs are modestly worse. US 10-year Treasury As […]

How long does a pre-approval last for?

  Video Transcript: Hey guys, Evan Swanson here, Swanson Home Loans, a division of Cherry Creek Mortgage. I’m trying to pack it all into a day, so I’m on my commute home recording the weekly video. This week I wanted to answer the question that we get a lot, which is how long is a […]

Conforming loans vs. Jumbo loans

Transcript: In this post and video, I will summarize the differences between a conforming loan and a jumbo loan. Loan Amount The first difference is the loan amount, which is ultimately what defines a conforming loan versus a jumbo mortgage.  For 2018, here in Portland, Oregon, the threshold that determines a conforming loan and a […]