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Holiday shortened week could cause volatility

If we celebrated the day that the Continental Congress voted on the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain then we wouldn’t be in the office today. It was actually on July 2, 1776 that the colonies voted to approve the Declaration of Independence. However, following the nearly unanimous vote Thomas Jefferson took the document, made […]

Are mortgage rates likely to increase or decrease? Anyone? Anyone?

On this day in 1986 one of the greatest movies of all time was released. Does anyone know which movie? Anyone? Anyone? (see movie reference HERE). Last week US stocks rallied and home loan rates moved which direction? Anyone? Anyone? They increased modestly. The Week Ahead The calendar is full of significant events this week. […]

Turmoil in Italy helps US mortgage rates improve

Have you seen the $170 paperclip from Prada (seriously-see HERE)?  I wonder how many will sell today given that it is National Paperclip Day.  I will be “celebrating” with a more modest version. Italian political woes US mortgage rates are benefitting from political turmoil in Italy.  Over the weekend the Italian President blocked the formation […]