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Rates end Q1 on a positive note but higher rates likely later in the year

At the end of her life my wife has already decided to be buried at the golf course so that I visit her multiple times per week.  It’s’ Masters week which means my productivity at work will decline significantly starting Thursday. Quarterly Report Interest rates had a tough start to the year increasing by approximately […]

Mortgage pre-qualification vs pre-approval

Video Transcript: Hi, Evan Swanson here to talk to you today about the difference between a mortgage loan pre-qualification, and a mortgage loan pre-approval. The two differ based on the source of information used, and their ability to help you make an offer to buy a home. Let’s start with source of information. A mortgage […]

A busy week for housing, for home loan rates 2.91% is key

One of my favorite days of the year took place on Saturday when Berkshire-Hathaway released its annual shareholder letter.  If you have never partaken in Warren Buffett’s simple, humorous, and sage advice I encourage you to dive in HERE.  Have kids?  This is all the financial education you need to give them. Mortgage Rates Mortgage […]

What, when, why mortgage insurance?

Video Transcription: Hi! Evan Swanson here to talk to you today about mortgage insurance. What is mortgage insurance, when is it required, and why do banks require it? First, what is mortgage insurance? Mortgage insurance is insurance that homeowners pay for, and the bank is the beneficiary to the insurance coverage. It protects the bank […]