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Benefit 3 – Avoid contractual problems by getting pre-approved by a reputable lender

Did you know the standard Residential Real Estate Agreement commonly used in Oregon allows the seller to prevent you from switching lenders or loan programs? In this short video I explain the third benefit of being pre-approved for a home loan prior to starting your search: Consumers should take the time to compare lenders prior […]

Benefit 2 – Avoid surprises by getting pre-approved before you start your home search

Are thinking of buying a home and wondering when you should get pre-approved?  Unless you are open to the potential for an unwanted surprise, I recommend you get pre-approved early on. In this short video I explain the second benefit of being pre-approved for a home loan prior to starting your search: By taking the […]

Threat of government shutdown helps mortgage rates remain low

Are you having withdrawals from the ‘round the clock media coverage of the federal government shutdown?  Don’t worry, without a fresh funding bill the government will shut down this Friday at midnight. Or will it? Agreement in Principle According to multiple reports republicans and democrats have reached an agreement to fund the government past this […]

The shutdown’s impact on mortgage rates

The government shutdown is now the longest running shutdown in our history.  Over 800,000 federal workers remain without a paycheck.  Meanwhile, the government is accruing back wages to the tune of $2,000 per second. How is the shutdown impacting home loans? Mortgage Rates The government shutdown has helped contribute to lower mortgage rates.  How? First […]

Credit Myth #6: It takes a great credit score to qualify for a home loan (not true)

After spending over 16 years in the mortgage lending industry I have identified seven myths that consumers commonly hold regarding their credit.  In this series of videos I am going to breakdown each myth and help you better understand how your credit scores are determined so that you can achieve a better outcome for your […]