August 2011 Newsletter

I forgot to post this back in November when I originally wrote and sent this out to my customers.  In this issue…..

…I wrote a piece entitled ‘My Case for Home Ownership’ in which I report on real estate affordability in the Portland-Metro region.

…I wrote a piece about the neuroeconomics and why our emotions and instincts often cause us to make poor financial decisions.

You can download the newsletter by clicking HERE.

May 2011 Newsletter

The latest “My Mind on Mortgages” newsletter should be hitting mail slots early next week.  HERE IS A LINK if you want to download a copy now.  In this issue……

*I explain “My Why, How, and What”

*I also offer my clients a new free financial resource @

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December 2010 newsletter

Click THIS LINK if you’d like to download my latest newsletter.  Inside you’ll find…….

*”QE2 Pushes Mortgage Rates Higher”

*”Evan Passes CFP(R) Exam and Earns His Designation”

along with some fun financial facts.

April 2010 newsletter

A newsletter is going out to my mailing list in the next week or so.  Here is a link if you’d like to read it.

In this issue I explain how government borrowing can impact mortgage rates & introduce you to my latest trip “back to the classroom”.

November 2009 newsletter

Our November 2009 newsletter is out and available.  They will be hitting mail slots this weekend.  You can click this link to view a copy.

The cover story covers details about the extension and expansion of the home-buying credit.

The article on the reverse side is about my academic pursuits at the University of Portland.


September 2009 newsletter

Click this link to download our September 2009 newsletter.

This issue includes two articles outlining my outlook for mortgage rates as we head into 2009-

“The Inflation Debate Heats Up” by Evan

“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Mortgage” by Evan


Every few months we send out a newsletter to our past clients, friends, and family.  I was thinking it would be a good idea to post them on this blog in case people want to download them.  So, I finally got around to it today.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list please send me an email with your name and address.

Here are the last 3 newsletters we’ve sent:

July 21, 2009: “4 Steps to Greater Control of Your Money” & “Eight Countries”

December 19, 2008: “Mortgage Rates Dropping to 4.5%?…Borrowers Can Thank TALF” & “My Six-Month Sabbatical”

September 23, 2008: “What the Bailout Means for You” & “Customer Spotlight: Quinn’s Prime and Vine”