Rates modestly worse, home prices projected to increase at a decreasing rate

On this day in 1998 two graduate students from Stanford University incorporated their business which was named after the mathematical term for 10 to the 100th power (“1” followed by 100 zeros).

Had you invested $100 in their internet search engine business on that day your initial investment would be worth over $41 million today (91% annualized return).  Don’t believe me? Google it.


Although investing in a home is not as profitable as being an early investor in a business like Google it can still be fruitful.  

Corelogic released it’s monthly Home Price Insights report earlier today.  The report showed that nationwide home prices increased by 6.2% on average in the past year.  It went on to forecast that home prices will increase by 5.1% in the next year.

It’s important that consumers understand that although the pace of price appreciation is projected to decline home prices are still increasing.  If a consumer put 5% down and purchased a home today and the home appreciated by 5% in the next year their cash on cash return (on paper) would be 100%.  

Mortgage Rates

Last week I recommended a locking bias.  Pricing on mortgage rates indeed worsened modestly.  Interest rates are currently in the middle of the range they have established dating back to the beginning of the summer (30yr fixed: 4.625%-4.875%).  

Technical Trading Patterns

Momentum appears to be working against us but mortgage-backed bond prices and the yield on the US 10-year treasury are trading up against technical barriers.  If yields can bounce lower we may see rates improve by .125%.  However, if yields blow through these levels then expect +.125% higher rates by the end of the week.

The Week Ahead

There are a number of significant economic reports due out this week but none more important than the all important jobs report on Friday.  US-Canada trade talks are scheduled to resume on Wednesday.  If talks indicate a free trade agreement on the horizon I expect US stocks to rise which will hurt mortgage rates.

Current Outlook: locking