Credit Myth #3: A high credit score can make up for a low credit score

After spending over 16 years in the mortgage lending industry I have identified seven myths that consumers commonly hold regarding their credit score.  Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to breakdown each myth and help you better understand how your credit scores are determined so that you can achieve a better outcome for your next loan application.

The third myth is that a high credit score in a joint loan application can make up for a low credit score.  The reality is, mortgage underwriters use the lower of the two applicants’ credit scores when evaluating a joint loan application.  It doesn’t matter if the higher credit score applicant has perfect credit or is only marginally higher.  The underwriter will use the lower of the two scores in determining if the application can be approved and in pricing the interest rate.

Sometimes it may be possible for the applicant with a higher credit score to qualify for a loan independent of the applicant with the lower credit score.  In that instance it may make sense to complete the loan application in the higher credit scorer’s name only.

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