Signs of laughter

On this trip we’ve traveled through 8 different countries each with distinct cultures, customs, and means for communication.  Inevitably, we’ve encountered many signs that we thought were humorous so we thought we’d pass them along for your viewing pleasure.

Humurous sign found in elevator
Someone must of actually gotten pinned in the elevator by their recylcing bin for the Portuguese to make this warning sign
Apparently this dog snores
Apparently this dog snores
Seriously, this is a restaurant
Needless to say we skipped this restaurant in Stockholm
read sign closely, makes no sense
Read this closely, they "support child cancer"? That is sick
glad I don't live on this road
Butt Hole Road, Australia
Cougar Collection Clothing line
Target market for this clothing line? COUGARS!
This explains why we've almost been hit multiple times
This explains why we almost got hit multiple times while walking
Only in Oz do you find crocodile warning signs
Horse Poo Anyone?
We couldn't help ourselves- we bought 3 bags
Stop, Hammer time
'nough said
crazy bastards
The Kea are clowns

Crossing the Tongariro

Tongariro Crossing

Another great adventure has been had. Yesterday Evan and I hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the Tongariro National Park in the central part of the north island. It’s one of the most beautiful places we have trekked on our journey. (It’s rated one of the best day treks in all of New Zealand.) The 19 Kilometer (12 mile) hike leads though volcanic terrain and then gains steep elevation to the saddle of the South and Red Crater which are sandwiched between two volcanic peaks, Mt. Ngauruhoe (2287m) and Mt. Tongariro (1967m). Despite the reports for bad weather descending upon us we were able to reach the top before experiencing it’s fierce blow. Thank goodness I had Evan to hold onto as we battled the winds, as I think I might have blown right off the crater. It was quite a challenging experience, but we were rewarded with amazing views of the Emerald Lakes and the two volcanic peaks. We were greeted with sunshine upon the decent and a beautiful rainbow. A hot shower and a home-made burger on the “barbie” were are final rewards. Ahh, this is life.

the clouds parted for the emerald lakes

Ev on the Tongariro Crossing

Rainbow surprise

An ”Old Bones” Sunrise

We’re currently staying at a backpackers called “Old Bones” just south of Oamaru on the east coast of the south island. This morning I awoke to the most amazing sunirse I’ve ever witnessed. I’ll let the picures do the talking:

Old Bones Sunrise Series
1st picture taken looking north
Old Bones Sunrise Series
Cloud formation in sky
Old Bones Sunrise Series
Birds flying over the field
Old Bones Sunrise Series
Solo piece of hay
Old Bones Sunrise Series
Looking north again 20 minutes after 1st picture
Old Bones Sunrise Series
Cloud formation #2
Old Bones Sunrise Series
Colorful sky looking east
Old Bones Sunrise Series
More birds flying around looking for breakfast