Rate Update July 27, 2009

Mortgage rates are unchanged from Friday.

This week’s schedule for US Treasury fixed-income securities auction:
The US Treasury is scheduled to sell a high volume of T-bills, notes, and bonds this week. On Monday, $6 billion in Treasury-inflation-protected 19.5-year notes will be auctioned; along with $32 billion in 13-week bills and $31 billion in 26-week bills. On Tuesday, $27 billion in 52-week bills will be auctioned, along with a heart-stopping $42 billion in two-year notes. On Wednesday, the Treasury will auction $39 billion in five-year notes. And on Thursday, $28 billion in seven-year notes will be auctioned. In total $205 billion in securities will be sold.

Here is a link to read the blog post on the new mortgage rules which could delay real estate closings.

Current Outlook: bias towards locking on short-term transactions with additional supply of treasury bills.