Old & New in Melbourne

I don’t pretend to know much about architecture nor have I ever paid much attention to the various styles. However, walking through Melbourne for a week one cannot help but notice the coexistence of classic and modern styles.

It’s almost as if the city went on a rapid building binge from its early days up until the 1920s then stopped before picking up again in the 1990s. Throughout the central business district as well as outlying residential neighborhoods classical styles of architecture exist next to structures with modern designs. Here are some photos of some the examples we saw:

The awning of the modern Melb. Museum w/ Royal Exhibition in background
The old post office has been added on with a modern wing and is now a shopping mall
On left is the modern Ian Potter center next to the classic old train station
They litteraly built a modern addition on top of this classic older building
Classic brick on the left next to modern glass at the QV