Rate Update for August 7, 2008

Rates are modestly higher this morning following.

After four straight days of sell-off in the mortgage-backed bond market, which has caused mortgage rates to rise by approximately .25%, we may begin to see a reversal.

Potentially helping rates is a weaker stock market (to understand dynamic between stocks and mortgage rates click here).  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently trading over 100 points lower after a slew of financial firms reported worse than expected quarterly losses (Freddie Mac, Axa, Barclay’s, & AIG).

In real estate news, zillow.com reported results from a recent survey they did of homeowner’s that had interesting results.  Their 2nd quarter survey showed that out of 1,361 homeowners 62% said they believed the value of their home increased over the previous year.  However, according to zillow.com data 77% of homes in the US depreciated.  This unusual optimism may help explain why obtaining price reductions from home sellers can be difficult.

For now we will recommend a neutral position with a floating bias.

Current Outlook: neutral with floating bias

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