Solarize Portland

While talking with some clients yesterday I learned about the Solarize Portland project and thought I would pass it along on this blog.

Solarize Portland is a volunteer group of homeowner’s that have banded together and are working to spread access to residential solar powered electricity units around Portland.

While Tina and I were traveling in New Zealand & Australia earlier this year we were impressed with the penetration that home solar powered units had in those countries.  We wondered what the feasibility of solar power would be like in Portland.

According to their website these units seem like a fairly good investment based on all the tax incentives and credits one can qualify for right now.  Per their website-

Q: What does a solar electric system cost, roughly?
Let’s take a mid-range system, which would be just about perfect for a Portland Bungalow = 2.5 KW. Your house (or your budget) might warrant a smaller system, or it might warrant a larger system. A 2.5KW system is estimated to cost around $23,000 before incentives and tax credits. With incentives and tax credits, that cost should come down to about $4600. Remember, your solar installation can scale to meet your needs OR your budget (a smaller installation would cost you less and still be quite rewarding).

That same system will generate an energy savings of about 2500kw per year which should translate to about $250 savings per year (at today’s electricity rates). At today’s rates, these systems will pay for themselves in 12 years and if energy costs rise (if?) the time it takes for this system to pay for itself shortens. Meanwhile, you are generating clean energy for Portland and investing dollars in the green-technologies market. It is a long-term investment, for sure. But if the long view looks good to you, join us.

Here is a link to their website if you’re interested in learning more.