Great quote for all you teams out there

Are you a part of a team that is striving towards a goal?  No matter who you are or what you do everyone is a part of a team.  Even if you are in a professional role where you act independently you rely on others to support your role.  Furthermore, the term “family” can be interchanged with “team”.  Everyone is a part of multiple teams that is ultimately supportive of each other in the pursuit of common and individual goals.

I was reading up on the Blazers this morning and came across this quote about teams and culture from Dave.  This can be your Monday morning motivational spot:

The point at which culture becomes most critical is the ultimate point at which all great teams aim:  the championship.  The league is full of talented teams.  It’s hard to run roughshod over all comers.  Somewhere you have to find unity of purpose, self-sacrifice, and communal belief that give you the edge when another team’s talent approaches yours.  Most championships aren’t claimed by teams who netted 70 wins and steamrolled the opposition.  They’re won by teams who eked out the extra 3-4 wins needed to emerge victorious that season.  There’s your culture.

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