The N-Zed Vino Report

Prior to arriving in New Zealand Tina and I had a narrow understanding of New Zealand wines. We were familiar with some Sauvignon Blancs from the Marlborough Region but that was the extent of it.

After spending 4 months in the country we had plenty of opportunities to explore additional varietals from various regions. What we learned is that in addition to the “Sauvie-B’s” that the country is well-known for NZ has multiple wine regions which are gaining prominence on the international wine scene.

Especially when you factor in the exchange rate we felt like NZ wines were a GREAT VALUE. Here is a list of the best wines we tasted along with the price we paid for them in NZ$. To convert these amounts into US$ click this link.

Contact your local wine shop to see if you can get your hands on these.

* Boundary Vineyards-“Rapura Rd.”- 2008- $20
* Koura Bay
* Church Road
* Rippon- 2008-
* Ata Rangi- 2008- $25
* Triplebank- 2008- $20
* Anchorage

The rents and I
A couple lovely ladies with Big Mike @ Seresin Winery

*Black Barn- unoaked- 2007

*Brookfields- 2007- $24
*Trinity Hill

*Trinity Hill- 2006- $30

Arneis (ancient Italian wine grape):
*Trinty Hill- 2008- $20

Pinot Noir:
*Drumsara- 2007- $50
*Seresin- “Leah”-2007-$28
* Tirohana-“Leslie”-2008- $50
* Pegasus-
* Akarua- 2006
* Mt. Difficulty- 2007- $45
*Ata Rangi- 2007- $65

bellyin' up to the bar at Ata Rangi
Wine tasting @ Ata Rangi in the Martinborough Region

*Pegasus- “Maestro”- $50
*Herzog- Beardeaux blend-2001- $47
*Benfield & Delemare- 2006- $75
*Ata Rangi- “Celebre”- $32

*Craggy Range-2004-2006- $50

*Unison Vineyards- “Reserve”- 2007- $30

*Trinity Hill-2007- $29

P.S. In talking with the winemaker at Unison Vineyards he advised that the 2009 harvest was poised to be a great one for the Gimblets Gravel region in Hawke’s Bay. This area is known for it’s heavier red wines such as Syrah, Merlot, and Cab-Sav. Keep your eyes open in the future for good 2009 wines from this area.

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