The first of the “PU’s” arrive

Written by my wife Tina:

The first of the PU’s (aka Parental Units) have arrived in NZED! We are thrilled to continue our journey through NZED with our parents by our sides. The McBrides will be spending the next two weeks being vagabonds with us as we travel north along the east coast of the north part of the south island (Got that?). We will be joined by the other half of the PU’s, The Swansons, on the tip of the south end of the north island (that too?) in a few weeks and this island nation will probably never be the same!

Green Lipped

Although, slightly jet lagged we had the PU’s out yesterday seeing the sights of Christchurch…the arts center...lunch complete with green lipped muscles and savy-b…a walk along the Pacific Ocean beach and finally an afternoon coffee. We steamed up some delicious blue cod for dinner that we bought at the local fish market and sent them off to bed for some well deserved ZZZ’s.

Beach Walking

Today we had a long walk on the beach in Leithfield, north of Chrsitchurch, on the east coast of the north end of south island (You’ve got it, right?). The sun was shinning and we had the beach to ourselves. We lunched at Pegasus Bay Winery in the garden warmed by the autumn sunshine and the PU’s got their first authentic taste of the awesome NZED wines. The nap afterward was essential.

We will spend the next few days exploring the Canterbury region before we head north. Sightseeing, fishing, wine tasting, walking and of course eating are all a part of the plan.