Nomadic feels like home

We are alive, yes very ALIVE and doing well…We have ventured south to the south island of “ENZED” (as we now call it) and have not been disappointed yet, in fact far from it (Dear Mom, I am not coming home…). The endless scenery continues to amaze us both as we have worked our way around the rugged northwestern coast. Our journey has taken us to Golden Bay, Abel Tasman National Park, The Old Slaughter House and the Beaconstone (just some of the highlights). We find our selves now at the base of Franz Joseph Glacier for a day of recoup and checking back in with the world (Birthday Wishes to Whitney…Happy 30th, my friend!!!) before we head out for another taste of nature in a different setting.

One of the highlights of our journey thus far has been the varied places we have chosen to lay our heads and the ease of doing so in ENZED. We have not spent more than three days in one place yet we have felt very much at home. We have set our tent up at various spots along the way amongst the trees and mountains, along rivers and lakes, and along the sea. We drove into the night at Golden Bay to Shambhala to wake to sounds of birds and crashing waves, the tea house and days of yoga and meditation. We have learned about the joy of building a dream from scratch to share with other travelers of the world at the Old Slaughterhouse, and relishing in all it’s beauty from the sunny deck overlooking the wild western coast. We met new friends at the Beaconstone and watched golden sunsets, slept in silence and learned the lessons of conservation using solar power and compostable toilets. Each one of the experiences we have had have been very unique and memorable. The most interesting part of the lodges we have stayed in is there association with the backpacking network in ENZED called BBH, which is quite exceptional, extensive and inexpensive. Each place it seems has been built from the ground up and nurtured with a little ENZED hospitality and personality. We have certainly appreciated a home away from home.