New Zealand

Tina and I are settled into our “batch” and enjoying the laid back lifestyle here in New Zealand! In case you’re curious to know where we are exactly we are staying in a small home (about 500 sq. ft) in Red Beach, which is a small coastal town about 30 minutes drive from Auckland (you can click this link to view on a map).

Our batch is about a 5 minute walk to the beach. The deck of our batch has a beautiful view of the ocean so when it’s not windy this is where we spend our time.

The Northland is fantastic. Yesterday we went for a long hike at the Tawharanui regional park which is a huge nature perserve with remote beaches.

On the drive back we stopped in a charming little town and had lunch. We haven’t been able to upload any photos yet but when we do we’ll post them here.

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