Darkness Reveals Light

Written by my wife Tina:

Arriving by night in an unknown place can be a very challenging aspect to travel. For some reason Evan and I have managed to book the initial stages of our travels by night. Not only is the new destination a completely new navigational challenge on a map and on foot, the darkness adds a whole different challenge…and yet I have discovered, an amazing reward.

I have decided that arriving by night is the best way to come into an unfamiliar place as it leads much to the imagination which often times is squelched in daily life. At night often times the streets are quiet, the lights low, the colors have not yet revealed themselves and the smells (oh so prominent in Europe) have not yet wafted from the rafters.

By morning the city comes alive and the expectations of what would be revealed are totally different from what I first imagined–sometimes good and sometimes bad. Either way it’s nice to be surprised.

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