Arrived in Italy….the adventure begins!

After a long couple days and of traveling which took us from PDX to LAX to London-Heathrow to Rome to Treviso, Italy we have finally met up with our friends Odile and Edoardo.  We will spend the next few days with them before heading onto Barcelona.  We are currently in Odile’s hometown of Mogliano which is just outside of Venice (Venezia).

We wil be staying with Odile’s sister (Sara) and her family.  We have also met Odile’s parents who are very welcoming.

This afternoon we are heading into Venice to enjoy lunch with one of their friends as well as partake in bacari which is where we travel from bar to bar drinking wine and eating small plates.  It should be a blast.

We’re still trying to figure out internet access so the updates may be few and far between for now.

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