How long does a pre-approval last for?


Video Transcript:

Hey guys, Evan Swanson here, Swanson Home Loans, a division of Cherry Creek Mortgage. I’m trying to pack it all into a day, so I’m on my commute home recording the weekly video. This week I wanted to answer the question that we get a lot, which is how long is a pre-approval good for?


Oftentimes, prospective home buyers are trying to figure out the best time to get pre-approved. First off let me say, I think it makes sense to get pre-approved early and often. This way, if we discover issues that are unknown to an applicant, we can try and fix them before they’ve actually found the house they love and want to make an offer on.


Now, to answer the question, typically pre-approvals are good for either 90 or 120 days. And the reason for this is that’s how long the credit report is good for. Credit reports, depending on the type of loan program, will expire after 90 or 120 days, in which case we have to update that.


That said, keep in mind all the information on a loan application is subject to re-verification by the underwriter. It’s not like if an applicant applied today with a job and got laid off a month from now, we wouldn’t be able to simply rely on the job they applied for, we do have to re-verify that they currently work in the job before closing.


Bottom line, pre-approvals are good for 90 or 120 days. I think it makes sense to get pre-approved as early on in the process as possible.

If you’re curious about your circumstances, or what makes sense to you, please contact me today, I’d love to be your resource. Thank you!

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