Relationship-based business is my focus

I came across this article in the Huffington Post today and the message resonated with me.

Although the article is directed towards the advertising & media industry the underlying message is fundamental to all businesses.

The author describes what I see as a dichotomy in many industries today.  At one extreme is a push towards “efficiency”, automation, and a “one-size fits all mentality”.

At the other end is a push towards customized solutions, relationships, and individual focus.

If you know anything about my business philosophy then you know that I lean towards the latter.  I am most interested in getting to know my clients needs and educating my clients on how to customize their mortgage so that it fits their financial objectives and philosophy.

Unfortunately I see too many homebuyers and homeowners opt for the former by working with so called “low-cost” mortgage providers who promise to provide loans with the “lowest rates and fees”.  I am reminded of a quote from one financial guru who said, “sometimes the loan with the lowest rate is not the loan which will bring your clients greater wealth over time.”

I am left thinking of ways that I can deepen my relationships with my clients, better educate them to make sound decisions, and be an adviser for them over time.

Any suggestions for me?  Please comment below…..