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Can interest rates go even lower? A long-term view suggests they can…..

A long-term view of rates If you took out a mortgage in the 1300s then it’s probably time to refinance.  A new working paper from the Bank of England looks at a trend in global interest rates over the past eight centuries.   The findings show that interest rates have been trending lower over the past […]

Home loan rates slightly worse on “phase one” trade deal

Home Loan Rates Mortgage rates are mostly unchanged to slightly worse compared to last week.  The catalyst which pushed rates higher last week was an announcement pertaining to US-China trade relations. Phase One On Thursday, it was announced that the US and China had agreed to a “phase one” trade agreement.  On the announcement the […]

Mortgage rates worsen slightly following a strong jobs report

Home Loan Rates Mortgage rates have worsened modestly from last week’s ‘rate update’. Jobs Report Last Friday’s all-important jobs report showed that the US economy added 266,000 new jobs in November.  The national unemployment rate ticked down to 3.50%.  The results were stronger than analysts had anticipated, which is bad news for interest rates. Here […]

Mortgage rates improve as builders pick up pace

Home Loan Rates I recommended “floating” in last week’s ‘rate update’ and that paid off.  Mortgage rates are about .125% lower today than they were a week ago. Trade Talks Interest rates have improved because optimism surrounding US-China trade talks have subsided.  There have not been any new details regarding trade negotiations in the past […]

The Fed cuts and mortgage rates don’t budge. Explain that one….

It’s counter-intuitive that when a person blushes, presumably because they are embarrassed, we tend to like them more. Do you know what else is counter-intuitive? Home Loan Rates & The Fed It can be confusing for consumers when the Fed cuts interest rates and mortgage rates go up. Since July the Fed has made three […]

Mortgage rates float higher despite Fed cut

Despite last week’s Fed rate cut mortgage rates have actually increased modestly this week.  Remember, the Fed does not directly control long-term interest rates (including for home loans). Stocks/ US-China Trade Talks Optimism surrounding US-China trade relations is fueling the stock market and hurting mortgage rates.  It was reported late yesterday that US & Chinese […]

US-China trade talks continue to influence mortgage rates

Happy Birthday to Ken Galbraith who would have turned 111 today.  The Canadian economist famously predicted in his 1958 book The Affluent Society that as society becomes more affluent private business would create additional consumer demand through marketing and consequently public goods (i.e. schools & parks) would be neglected. Seems to me like he was […]